When in Rome…Tacit018 Ristorante

Finding a decent restaurant, bar or hotel in Rome is not particularly easy when you are a tourist.  When you do luck out and find a place, then what you find should be shared. 

Tacit018 is just such a place to share. What I loved about the space was the non-tourist experience and the vibe created by both the interior and the people who work there. The design is almost modern Morroccan and Persian, but where it meets the Spanish world. It felt like a nod to the hipster concept, too, as incandescent bulbs lit the space to make it suitable as a place for drinks with friends or a places to share a quiet rendez-vous with your lover.   

Like many recent conversations with strangers, our talk began with admiration and appreciation of each other’s sleeve tattoos. While it may seem weird, such identification is undoubtedly in the fact that people who have chosen to undergo hours of pain to achieve a sleeve tattoo tend to understand each other’s personal identity just a little bit more than your average human. I have found many of my favourite bars, shops, restaurants and coffee shops based on seeing that the people working there had common aesthetics with me. Our waiter’s sleeve was simply beautiful and unique in a way that I could not help but admire enough to begin a simple conversation. 

Why should you go here? If you are a young adventurer who seeks new vibes, good valued wine and food in the Prati district of Rome, then this would be a no-brainer. If you are someone else, then you need to get out of your rut and try a new concept in a real place. Tourist bars and restaurants litter Prati, but leave you feeling cheated. Yes, they clearly speak English at those places, but so does every young person in Rome these days. Try some green olives without pimentos in the middle. Eat Parma ham cut direct from the leg and plated for you at the moment. Talk to people and smile. Have a bottle of house wine, and then maybe two more. Close the bar with the people who work there, instead of turning in early. Almost miss your train because you over slept the alarm, and feel alive when you barely catch it on your way to Florence. These are the things we did and our lives became richer for it.   



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